28 Sep 2013

Tips on Choosing Best Printer

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When it comes to the printer, it can be seen on various occasions, including office, shopping mall, restaurant, hotel and even household. How to choose the most economical printer is the key factor. Then, the following will give detailed introduction on top tips of selecting an ideal printer. First and foremost, there are many different types of printers so as to satisfy different occasions. According to the working principle, the printer can be divided into thermal portable printer and inkjet printer. Based on working manner, there is laser printer, bluetooth printer portable, electrostatic printer, magneto type printer and LED printer as well as faster and reliable pos printer. Among them, the inkjet printer occupies the largest market share, while the outstanding characteristics of thermal printer are light structure, no noise and legible printing. Laser printer is famous for the fastest printing speed. The electrostatic printer enjoys the high-quality printing, which paves the way for long time preservation. Magneto-type printer is the application and development of electric printing technique, which contains huge potential. As to the LED printer, whose working principle is similar to laser printer, the adopted luminous diode reduces the cost and power consumption. The pos printer is always the very first choice of courier. In terms of selection tips, here are some useful suggestions. Resolution ratio is the first aspect that should be born in mind, which is an important technique index of measuring the printer quality. In general, the higher resolution ratio, the better printing quality will be. For example, the highest resolution ratio of inkjet is 2880DPI, while that of laser printer is 2400DPI. Printing size also needs to be taken into consideration. The printing scope is based on the printing size of the printer. For example, the printing size divides the laser printer into A3, A4 or A5, and it is the same with the inkjet printer. Output time of homepage also needs special attention. Usually, the homepage’s output time is with 15 seconds. Of course, the printer with shorter output time is always the first choice. Medium type is another important standard. For example, the medium of laser printer is ordinary printing paper, envelope, projection film or postcard, while that of inkjet printer is inkjet paper, glossy print paper, carton paper, scroll or T-short transfer. In addition, other factors like paper thickness, character type, data buffer, Enter time and line feed time also should be taken into account.

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