Laptop Repairs Enfield


Laptop Repairs Enfield

WoW iT Technicians have been repairing and upgrading portable computers since 1999 . Our engineers have received extensive training in the Uk, not  spoof colleges  laptop maintenance. We receive the latest bulletins regarding the developments in technology used in laptops to ensure that our engineers can efficiently deal with even the most modern systems. We believe that our engineers are amongst the finest and well trained in the UK. They have repaired many Tiny, Time, Dell, Fujitsu, Advent, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung and Sony laptops.
No Fix – No Fee is the best way.

Some companies charge for diagnosis – up to £100+. They are then able to quote ridiculous prices for the repair because the diagnosis fee is already secured. A few of our customers sent their machines to manufacturers, paid a £100+ diagnosis fee and were quoted £600+ for the repair. They declined and came to us for a much more cost effective repair.

Other companies expect you to pay hourly rates. This is flawed logic as a good engineer takes less time to complete a repair than a bad one. It means you pay extra for their incompetence. One minute over the hour and you pay for and extra hour, why?? Worse still, they expect you to pay even when they don’t fix your laptop.

We quote – You decide.
We believe our business model is the most fair and honest way – we quote you a fixed price and let you choose if you wish to proceed.

Laptop Repair Services Enfield provided by WoWit Services. Our engineers work on a strict NO FIX – NO FEE basis. We only profit from completed repairs. This means that our engineers will quote the best possible price in order to encourage you to go ahead with a repair. You don’t even have to pay courier/insurance charges if you collect your machine.

Laptop Repairs in Enfield Services are Listed Below:

Our engineers are experienced in resolving hardware and software problems with laptops manufactured by

  • Enfield Dell Repair
  • Enfield Sony Repair
  • Enfield Toshiba Repair
  • Enfield Compaq Repair
  • Enfield HP Repair
  • Enfield Acer Repair
  • Enfield Advent Repair
  • Enfield Fujitsu Siemens Repair
  • Enfield Packard Bell Repair
  • Enfield Gateway Repair
  • Enfield Samsung Repair
  • eMachines and Patriot Repair Enfield
  • Enfield Tiny Repair
  • Enfield Time Repair
  • Laptop and Notebooks Repair Enfield

We also repair laptop screen problems. Please visit: Laptop  Repairs