08 Oct 2013

Increase your online sales with videos

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In recent years, making and sharing videos on various social networks has exceeded any existing marketing tool. The playback of video on the web has become more common than the usual television and in fact large companies invest more and more about this new type of marketing tool. Everyone also knows what are the ‘viral video’ potential and produce for the ‘product’ in the scene, in any industry. Important for all of us is to know how and why take advantage of this marketing approach.-As the first argument of course we speak of social networks. If you noticed, it is easier for users, even pleasant, watch a video rather than read an article containing only text. Obviously there is nothing surprising, you are able to grasp a lot more information in this way and you accumulate more and more audience thanks to the ease of sharing.-Upload the video on YouTube helps a lot your marketing strategy being the main instrument for video streaming. If we talk of search engine like Google matters are simplified even more because are past several years that YouTube is owned by Google. So before you upload the video, make sure you tag it and just put the title and description more targeted to your purpose, as a video in the research could attract more customers than expected. Of course, to make a nice video has a cost and also its promotion, but as we learn from the world wide web is the idea that counts and that is what makes the difference, it is useless to spend a lot of money for a video trivial and unoriginal then the right way is the balance between cost and creativity.

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