22 Aug 2013

There are many SEO companies on the web that you can contact by phone or email, but do they really understand your company and what you are trying to achieve with online marketing, is it not better to work with a local company based near Enfield who you can meet and discuss the plan for search engine optimization? Natural optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Networking, You Tube, Google Place, Blogs, Google Shopping, Email Marketing Link Building, where do you start? So your site has been designed, built and launched onto the global marketplace. You can now sit back and watch the enquiries roll in and the products flying off the virtual shelves, right? If only it were that simple. The internet may be a global marketplace, but launching a website without suitable marketing is akin to opening a shop in the Sahara, you may get the occasional camel caravan meandering past, but how will the great majority know you’re there? Good search engine rankings are the web equivalent of a busy high street location, allowing you to move your virtual store from the middle of the Sahara to the most coveted of high foot, or in our case eye-ball locations. We have a host of packages to help you gain and maintain that coveted position. Search engines rank your site by keywords, and there are two ways to the top of the search engines – natural rankings and pay-per-click advertising. Whatever the scenario, our flexible approach will ensure you get the best result for your money. We help you define the right combination of SEO services to fit your business and help you determine a marketing plan for the future that is right for you.

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