07 Oct 2013

Five top tips for Mac users

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If you’re used to using PCs and have recently changed to an Apple Mac computer, there are some subtle differences that you will need to get used to. Once you have got used to these, however, you will probably wonder how you ever coped with the old way of doing it! It may not seem obvious at first glance, but Mac keyboards are different to Windows keyboards, in quite significant ways. For starters, there is only one mouse button, so right-clicking and left-clicking goes out the window. Apple has put together a (link opens in new window) to the similarities and differences between the two types of keyboard. Apple machines were historically seen as immune to viruses and malware. Even now, Apple users will often advise each other not to bother running anti-virus software. This is not necessarily sensible advice. While the smaller number of Macs to PCs means hackers generally focus their energy on the larger target group (PCs) this does not mean Apple machines are without security flaws. Nothing is perfect, even something as pretty as a Mac Book Air. Apple’s browser, Safari, for example, has had several famous in recent years. If you’re used to using your computer’s desktop as a dashboard to access files, you may wish to ease yourself into the Mac experience by creating a ‘Documents’ shortcut on the desktop, ditto a shortcut to Mail and Safari. This may clash with Steve Jobs’ vision of a clean, uncluttered desktop, but your layout has to work for you! After a while, you’re likely to be so comfortable with the Mac way of working, that you can ditch these shortcuts. The ‘Track pad’ on a Mac scrolls ‘naturally’, which is the opposite to the Windows ‘downward scroll’ that you’re used to.

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