07 Oct 2013

Everything about Apple Mac Computers

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Why apple Mac computers are the best option. It is hard to believe that the Apple Company, the manufacturers of the Mac computers, started in a garage. That was back in the early 80s but time has changed to bring the Apple Mac computers as the best computers to use in the market today. They are particularly the best option for the people planning on dealing with the multimedia application. The aspect that makes them the best option when it comes to this is the user friendly platform as well as the fast processing speed to handle all the relevant without any resource straining. The first Apple Mac computer entered the market back in 1984. The performance was however not as good as that of the Microsoft Computers in the market in spite of the computer having better features. The first portable Mac computer was introduced in 1989 and the company has never gone back ever since. The Apple has cemented its history through the designing of the most exceptional laptops for the home user. The first from Apple was known as the Power Book 100 and featured a processor of 16MHz and a RAM of only 2MB. There were three options of 20, 40 and 60 MB of the hard drive. This computer presented a great step in the portable computer world. Over the years, Apple has had a variety of lines in the laptop computers. The initial laptop, the Power Book, was in the shape of a boxy and dark gray laptop. This was quickly transformed to the sleeker model which was more rounded. The computer however lacked many features when used as a standalone computer. The transformation continued over the years with today Apple being the first in the manufacture of a touch computer which is more compact and portable and goes by the name of iPad. The laptop computers are dominating over the desktop. This is as a result of the great compatibility they offer to the users as well as the ease of use. People no longer have to trade the efficiency of the Apple Mac computer for the size. The laptops come set with all the relevant features. They are even way better than the desktop. Today, most of the laptops have a higher processing speed than that of a desktop and also a bigger hard drive space given in terms of Terabytes. The introduction of the iPad has also made the laptop Apple Mac computers the most reliable and user friendly computers that one can use. The Apple Mac computers are the best options over the PC and other types of computers. This is as a result of the great features that the machines incorporate and the great security features that have been put in place. The OS of the Mac is unchangeable from accidents or even by the iruses.The overall benefit of using the Mac computers is the reliability in the sound and graphics. The computer offers a reliable platform for game playing, programming and graphic design. The virus attack is also minimal.

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