Common Questions Answered

Common Questions

Q: I have valuable data on my computer I do not wish anyone to see?

A:  We do not look in your personal folders or programmes, we do not have the time or interest and unless we see something on the main screen that is  not  is national security threat or paedophile related, it is not our concern. We strictly abide by the data security act 1996.

Q: I have programmes installed on my computer that I have the disks or licences for any more?

A: Our aim is to return your computer with everything as it was, with all your programmes and data in tact but working fast and secure.  As long as we do not have to view your licences or amend them then we are not breaking any laws. This only changes if your hard drive has a fault and depending on the severity of the hard drive fault, we can sometimes copy all your settings and programmes to a new drive thus having your computer back fully working.