Tips to Use Wireless 4G

Using a 4G modem, you can connect your laptop to the Internet wirelessly. Fourth generation wireless (4G) provides a fast Internet connection for mobile phones, smart phones, net books and computers. There are a few companies now offering 4G wireless subscriptions to consumers and more coverage is expected to develop. Several products may now be.. read more →

The Advantage of Wimax Technology

Whether we realized it or not, computer, technology and the Internet have all become part of our everyday life. Think about it, when the last day you go without turning on your laptop, make calls on your cell phone or out of jams with your MP3 player? If a question makes you confused, do not.. read more →

Comparing between 3G & 4G Wireless Internet

When you compare 3G and 4G networks, you’ll find the service that works best for you.Both 3G and 4G wireless options are available today for your cell phone plans. They also include Internet options, through the cell phone providers themselves. There are several ways to look at 3G and 4G plans to decide what is.. read more →

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Android’s Keyboard

If all you do with your Android phone or tablet’s keyboard is tap out words, you are missing a lot of great features. There’s more to learn about a keyboard than you might expect. Of course, you can just type out words without paying attention to any of these features — but mastering them will.. read more →

How to Use Pen Cameras

Pen cameras look similar to a pen, but contain various mechanisms inside which allow them to function as a hidden camera. It comes after a series of developments in technology, causing a significant reduction in the size and look of cameras. The development of smaller mechanisms has allowed the invention of hidden cameras, which mimic.. read more →

Digital camera tips and tricks

Digital cameras make taking pictures easier – but to turn your everyday shots into extraordinary photos, you need to know more than how to snap a shot. This handy app is your mini guide to the latest digital photography tips and tricks for getting more from your digital camera. Packed with helpful hints on choosing.. read more →

Webcam Tips and Techniques.

So you got yourself a webcam. What next? Here’s a basic primer, showing you what to do and what not to do to get the most out of your webcam. Whether you’re in a corporate environment or at home, I’ll show you how to pay attention to lighting, what to wear, where to locate your.. read more →

How do remove a computer virus?

Keep your antivirus program up to date. If you have already installed an antivirus program on your computer, it’s important that you keep it up to date. Because new viruses are being written all the time, most antivirus programs are updated frequently. Check your antivirus program’s documentation or visit their website to learn how to.. read more →

How to Remove Malware from Windows PC

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you getting lots of pop-ups? Have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your PC might be infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware–even if you have an antivirus program installed on it. Though other problems, such as hardware issues, can produce similar symptoms,.. read more →

Tips about Windows 8 Phone.

Windows 8 has been with us for over half a year now, and if you’re used to previous versions of Windows then you’re going to notice that quite a bit has changed. In fact, Windows 8 has seen the biggest change since the jump from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Out goes the Start menu,.. read more →