How to Replace a Broken Laptop Display.

The worst thing that can happen to an owner – aside from having his wife or girlfriend leave him or his hard disk go up in smoke – is irreparable damage to its built-in, but relatively sensitive liquid crystal (LCD) display. (No, I’m not putting women on the same pedestal as hard disks, what are.. read more →

Tips about Computer Technology.

Computer technology plays a key role in every industry. By becoming an information technology professional, you will broaden your ability to work in many sectors since all rely on IT skills. Demand will continue to expand as technology evolves and security becomes more important. At the Computer Technology, you’ll develop the technical and team work.. read more →

How to Check the Health of your Hard Drive

You may however run certain tests on your computer beforehand to get an idea about the current condition of your hard disk. This should in turn help you decide whether a replacement drive is necessary or not. Step 1: Check your hard disk for errors All recent versions of Windows include a utility called Chkdsk.exe.. read more →

Hard disk booting problems.

Booting problems are frequently mistaken for problems with the hard drive. Please refer to whenever possible, known good parts should be used to replace any suspected bad parts before ordering replacements. For example, swap a suspect hard drive with another drive from a similar system that works correctly. If the problem follows the drive, try.. read more →

Difference between Laptop and Tablet.

Laptop and tablet are not same they have huge difference. With so many gadget choices on the market these days, it can be very difficult for consumers to decide where to sink their money. Laptops and tablets are wildly popular within different groups and demographics, mostly because they deliver specialized experiences to their users. A.. read more →

The Evolution of 3D Glasses and 3D Technology.

Most of us, at one time or another, have been fascinated by some form of 3D technology. Whether it be the red-and-blue comics in the back of a magazine or a stunning IMAX 3D film, there is something inherently captivating about seeing flat images come to life in vibrant three-dimensionality. But how do those red-and-blue.. read more →

Difference between RAM and ROM.

You need to know Difference between Ram and Rom. It, s the most important parts in Computer. We need to know better of that because it’s the most used in computer parts. Both Random-Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM) are primary storage devices used in electronics, most commonly in computers. Primary data storage devices.. read more →

Tips on using Wireless keyboard with an iPad.

So, you’ve got a handy iPad, which is great for browsing the web, reading books and magazines, playing games and watching videos from Hulu and Netflix. But not much else. However, with the addition of an Apple wireless keyboard and Pages for iPad, do you think you could find yourself doing a lot of productive.. read more →

Tips about Computer Monitor

If you have ever owned a computer for longer than two years you have probably found yourself in my position. The family computer monitor just stopped working, and we were left searching for a replacement. Rather than just get the exact same monitor, I decided to see what options were available for upgrades. Here are.. read more →

Optical Mouse Tips.

Optical mouse are an improvement over rollerball mouse that could malfunction if their roller balls became sticky through dust or other substances on the mousing surface. Optical mouse, by contrast, are not as easily disturbed by dust, are easy to clean and don’t require completely flat surfaces to operate properly. Many optical mouse are also.. read more →