Revisiting the immutable laws of security

In November 2000, Scott Culp of Microsoft drafted what he called the 10 Immutable Laws of Security. There are two versions of these laws: one for users and one for system administrators. Over the years, these laws have been both revised and despised by people in the security industry. Despite some criticism, the 10 laws.. read more →

Tips and tricks for using two factor Authentication Technology

Single password protection techniques, while a well-used and ancient method of protecting access to information or location, are no longer something that can guarantee a reliable means of protecting what you want to keep private. With the widely distributed existence of intrusion methods like keystroke loggers, phishing attacks, eavesdropping in general and dictionary attacking programs.. read more →

Tips on basic Linux server security

If you just put your Apache web server online, and are thinking into making the first step in your system security, this brief article will help you do that. By having your own server, you must understand the responsibility behind it. While the web server itself (Apache in this example) is not a big security.. read more →

Security Tips for Tablets and Mobile Phones

If you can’t imagine life without your mobile phone or tablet, you want to protect them, right? Of course you do. There are many ways that your tablet or mobile phone can be compromised that can not only harm the device, but can also harm you. These security tips will keep your private information and.. read more →

Make your Laptop Better With These Tips

I recently went on an overseas vacation, and I wanted to bring my laptop since I knew we’d be in hotels with free WiFi but didn’t want to carry all that extra bulk while we schlepped from city to city. So I picked up a small laptop before I left, and throughout the trip I.. read more →

Tips to reduce your ink or toner usage in your printer

At Cartridge World Pasadena we care about saving the environment and the money in your wallet.  In this article, we cover some ways that you may be able to reduce the consumption of ink or toner and thus further reduce your printing costs.   Since you are getting this newsletter, you have already most likely saved.. read more →

Tips on Choosing Best Printer

When it comes to the printer, it can be seen on various occasions, including office, shopping mall, restaurant, hotel and even household. How to choose the most economical printer is the key factor. Then, the following will give detailed introduction on top tips of selecting an ideal printer. First and foremost, there are many different.. read more →

Tips for mastering Android

There’s so much you can do with Android that it can seem impossible to experience all the operating system has to offer. With these tips, tricks, and guides, we show you how to go beyond the tip of the iceberg to unearth Android’s most awesome features. Whether you’re new to Android, considering making the switch,.. read more →

Tips on Buying Your Best Printer

The overall fast pace of innovation has also hit the printers market as well, translating into some pretty outstanding products being available on the market nowadays. Printer of today manage to deliver great performance: they are able to print excellent quality photos, documents at amazing speed, many have duplex included and you can connect them.. read more →

How to Save Cash on Pricey Printer Ink

If your inkjet printer were a vending machine, you’d probably have to feed it at least a nickel for every page of black and white text, a quarter for every page of text with color, and fifty cents or more for every large photo. Ink isn’t cheap. In fact, by weight, the retail price of.. read more →